picture of cross

Those who have requested intercession
Matthew Longhurst, Shirley Roadman, Lainie Van Houtan, Elizabeth Rogers, Jason, Hunter Byington, Sr, Joyce, Mike Boldus, Cindy, Veronica Wallace, Ann Mategrano, Barry Koester, Jodi Massie, Eileen, Charlotte David, Lanita Hagedorn, Patricia Lopez, Ruth Duffy, Marie DiBello, Michael Dulkinys, David, Peggy, Doug Olsen, George Haiser, Donna, Anna Kennelly, Jim, Ralph Welton, Carol Ann Ishman, Reuben, Rob, Nancy Wilson, Hewitt, the LaPorte family, Susie Croll, Dan Field, the Moore family, Mary, the Martin family, Eileen Reznicek, Honalore, Magno Roque, Priscilla, and Bill Ishmael.
Anniversary of Baptism
Barbara Graves, Matt Koester, Helen Mensing, Beth Petti, and Jim Lanning.
Faithfully Departed
Carly Hassett, Barbara Poole Anderson, Becky Martin, and Teke Karsgaard.
Serving in the military
Stephen Rudd and Reid Peters.
Diocesan Cycle of Prayer
Intercessions are offered for Congregations in the Evanston Deanery: Canterbury House at Northwestern University; St. Andrew Pentecost in Evanston; St. Luke in Evanston; St. Mark in Evanston; St. Matthew in Evanston; San Francisco de Asís, Diocese of Southeast Mexico and Panomsit Sub-Parish, Diocese of Renk.
Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Intercessions are offered for the Diocese of Muranga South (Kenya).