picture of bag of toys

Trinity is challenging YOU to collect 40 bags of items for charity this Lent and donate them to a charity of your choice. How does it work? Take 2 or 3 bags into an area of your home that needs de-cluttering. Place items that are suitable for donation into one bag; place recyclables in another one; place trash in the other. When the bags are full, get more bags; when the area is cleared of clutter, move to another area. Check the list on the Trinity website or on the Trinity Tidings table for items that can be donated and agencies that will receive them. Please note: Do not take your bags to Trinity. Each household is responsible for making its own donations. A list of suggested charities and their needs is provided here.

Please post pictures of your bags and your newly cleared home on the Trinity Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/trinitywheaton/)or get photos so we can post them in Millett Hall to show our progress.