picture of data screen

It’s not just seniors at risk but anyone from age 18 to 86 and beyond. Anytime a stranger asks you for personal information you should be on high alert. This is a sure sign of potential ID theft, scam, or data breach. It’s shrewd, not rude, to hang up on strangers asking for money or personal information. Since 2005, there have been 4,000 data breaches affecting over 857 million records. For the most part, businesses don’t alert consumers until the public is alerted to data breaches. Berenice Martinez, Community Outreach Liaison from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office will lead the discussion and provide advice to protect yourself. Come join us at the next Conversations That Matter speaker event.

Doors open 6:45 pm. Presentation starts at 7:15. Wrap-up before 8:30 pm. Trinity Episcopal Church in Wheaton.