picture of children shopping

Trinity is holding its Annual Christmas Sharing event on December 7-8 at Millet Hall. Christmas Sharing provides assistance to families in need during the Christmas season. Families are assisted without regard to their religious affiliation and the goal is to make their holidays a little brighter. Christmas Sharing volunteers collect food, gently used clothing, toys and cash from District 200 schools, local churches, scouting groups, libraries, civic groups, small businesses, corporations and individuals. Trinity is one of eight churches in the region distributing items this Christmas season. Trinity cannot perform this service without your assistance. We are asking you to donate items; purchase items; or purchase groceries for this cause. If you would like to purchase groceries for a Small, Medium, or Large Family, please download the Grocery List. If you are interested in purchasing items for the Parents' Room (allows children pick gifts for their parent), please download the Parent Room List. (Trinity will also assist you if you are unable to collect these items and would like to make a donation instead.) Trinity will be collecting these items at Millet Hall beginning Tuesday, December 5. Volunteers are also needed to assist with sorting items December 5 - 7. Volunteers are also needed to help distribute items December 8 - 9. For more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (630) 707-7135.