picture of saint paul

One of the most fascinating (some would say repelling) figures in religious history, the apostle Paul continues to find champions and detractors, sometimes in surprising places. Because his letters became part of the Christian Bible, Paul had the misfortune of becoming memorialized as Scripture. His writings have been endlessly scoured as sources for Christian doctrine and morals. His personality has been just as endlessly analyzed as one of the great converts in history. His views continue to be contentious.

What is most surprising in all the controversy Paul creates is how little attention is actually paid to the things with which he was most concerned: the stability and integrity of the tiny Christian communities to which he wrote letters. We read Paul not only as Scripture and not exclusively as systematic theology, but as the catch-as-catch-can moral instructor of new communities by their founder and pastor.

The only requirement for this course is the willingness to work with Paul as he thinks his way through the problems he faces. The payoff is learning why Paul had such an enormous influence through these letters and remains a vital force in the religious life of millions. And, we provide coffee.If you are interested, please join us beginning September 29 at 9:30 am in Room U25 downstairs.