We pray for our neighbors and all who need or request our prayers including: 

Gordon, Rachel, Pamela, Carol B., Marah, Sharon, Ben and Sarah, the Pillischafske family, Katherine, Carol, Sally, Cara, The Baillie family, Andy, Jerry, James, Katherine, Kevin, Emma and Tyler, Marilyn, Kathy, Kate, Greg, Marie, Susan, Jim, Gloria, Hunter & Barbara, Marthajo, Leslie, Sue, Barbara, Katherine, Cole, Matthew, Dwayne B., Dwayne M., Bette, The People of the Diocese of Renk and Victims of political unrest.

Faithfully Departed: Robert Roque, Michael Lorenzi, Ronnie Raube and Richard Arseneau

 Please submit prayer requests by either completing a Prayer Request Pew Card or submit prayers via the Church Center app. Prayers stay on the list for 8 weeks, if additional prayer is needed please submit a new request, the prayer list is updated weekly; all requesters have the option to be contacted by one of our priests when needed.